Find Joy in Chaos: How to Build Your Twitter/X Presence so Connections and Opportunities Come Find You

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Twitter/X is the best platform to build your online voice, but it has one problem: it is loud, chaotic, and misleading. When you focus less on getting the next follower, your following and influence can grow much faster.

This step-by-step guide to Twitter/X includes how to:

  • Grow your presence when you have 0 followers
  • Achieve success even if you don't have 10,000 followers
  • Unfold who you are using the "PIERS" framework
  • Impress everyone who walks into your world
  • Find like-minded friends using the 5 most effective ways
  • Get heard, likes & replies without tweeting into the void
  • Build long-lasting relationships with 4 simple steps
  • Play Twitter/X as your long game without the chaos


I've been helping entrepreneurs with my courses and coaching programs

In late 2020, I left my previous role and was frustrated with my life. Despite working in and co-creating startups, all I had was a piece of paper called the resume. I felt like a nobody. I told myself it was time to build something under my own name.

I didn’t have a good impression of Twitter. It seemed like a noisy platform where politicians or celebrities blast out what they want to say. But I gave it a second chance after meeting a small group of bootstrapped founders. Since then, I've ignored most of the advice from the so-called Twitter gurus and showed up as my true self focusing on sharing, helping, and lifting the people around me.

This approach enables me to build a massive circle of friends on Twitter and on the Internet, work with so many amazing entrepreneurs, and build an online business around my family. And the best part is I finally feel my self-worth and that I have something to bring to the world.


I’ve met and helped so many entrepreneurs and one thing that keeps coming back to me is how chaotic Twitter is to every beginner. Everyone knows Twitter is powerful but not many manage to fight past the early days of noisiness, self-doubt, and exhaustion.

Yes, it requires time and effort to build an active presence on Twitter. But it can be joyful and rewarding. I use Twitter to my own rhythm. I can add value to people’s lives. I can take breaks from it and not feel guilty. And I make amazing friends worldwide. This should be an experience for everyone.

So this book is a culmination of the steps I took myself plus all the important lessons I’ve shared with hundreds of other entrepreneurs. I want to bring more people to this corner of Twitter. 


If you find yourself nodding to one of these, then this book is for you:

  • It is your 1st time getting on Twitter/X and you’re feeling very lost
  • You got on Twitter/X before but you left because your experience was the exact opposite of what this book is about
  • You value genuine relationships and you want to use Twitter/X to help you support and interact with other people just like in real life
  • You want to master the fundamentals of Twitter/X because you know most advice outside of this scope is only a personal choice 


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You'll get a 24-page PDF or Google doc you can work on.

This book is actionable which means you can expect yourself to pause and head over to a particular section of the workbook. Once done, you can continue reading.

In the end, you'll have one place to revisit as you grow your Twitter/X presence.


Showing you things most creators won't disclose

If you’re interested in the premium edition of this book, it also comes with 8 deep-dive videos (55 minutes) where I show you my honest thoughts & behind the scenes with my screen!

  1. How to use Twitter/X peacefully and still grow to 10k+ followers (what my routine is, what I focus on & how I interact with people)
  2. Behind the scenes: The unspoken truth about having 10k+ Twitter followers
  3. A 4-step storytelling framework you can use to resonate with everyone 
  4. Decode the real reasons people click that “Follow” button so you can get more
  5. Behind the scenes: How to be the 5% that uses Twitter/X’s Direct Message the right way
  6. 4 simple steps you use to make lifelong relationships on Twitter
  7. Twitter/X is the missing piece to your online business model
  8. My book won’t fail because I write it in public


You can reach out to any of them to get honest feedback on the book.


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Yes, head over to Amazon to order your Paperback copy!

Is there an audiobook version of the book?

Not yet. Maybe in the future :)

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Find Joy in Chaos: How to Build Your Twitter/X Presence so Connections and Opportunities Come Find You

66 ratings
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