1:1 Consultation with Kevon - 60 Minutes

Kevon Cheung
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Most of the time I'm busy running my online business and courses, but I can take up to 3 calls a month. If you're saying the following things, then I can help:

  • "I want to show up online and do it consistently."
  • "I want to niche down and define the audience I can provide value to."
  • "I want to interest people by having meaningful things to say."
  • "I want to know how I can interact with others and build a community around me."
  • "I'm totally unfamiliar with Twitter."

You can book a private 60 minutes consultation with me here.

From Dr. Feenix Pan:

From Aaron Dufall:

I'll send you a Calendly link afterward so that we can book a time.

P.S. note that if you want me to prepare before the consultation (e.g. review your online and Twitter presence for an hour), you should book a total of 2 hours.

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1:1 Consultation with Kevon - 60 Minutes

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